The AD, PS, and SPS Users Schedules 2021


2021 Injector Schedule (pdf) - Super-Cycle Composition - Long Shutdown 2 master schedule (latest) - Testbeams arround the world

antiproton AD / ELENA Users Schedules: beam distributed automatically in 2021

proton PS/SPS Users Schedules (pdf):
Overview:   PS East Area & nTOF SPS North Area SPS H6 & H8 user-zone schedule
Details:   PS East Area& nTOF SPS North Area All testbeams
Past schedules:   PS East Area& nTOF SPS (West &) North Area  


Total (2018): AD cycles nToF pot PS East Area spills
PS East Area pot
COMPASS pot NA62 pot NA T2,T4,T6 pot AWAKE cycles Pb cycles
Last week:


PS/SPS Users Scheduling Meeting resumed July 1st 2021. They take place on Thursdays at 11AM, on ZOOM only for the time being. The indico category for the user meetings is here.
The minutes of the PS/SPS Users meeting are attached to the indico page.


Liaison physicists for:
  • East Hall: Johannes Bernhard, Dipanwita Banerjee
  • North Area EHN1: Nikolaos Charitonidis (H2 & H4) and Alexander Gerbershagen (H6 & H8)
  • North Area EHN2 & ECN3: Johannes Bernhard (M2,K12)
EP Division Safety Officer (DSO): Olga Beltramello - CERN safety officers
PS/SPS physics coordinator: Barbara Holzer.

General Conditions - Memo on Operational modes of H6, H8 and P0 beam lines - Guidelines for the use of PS/SPS beam lines
Informations are sent through the ps-sps-users mailing list (e-group). Please subscribe here in the "Members" menu.

Beam lines

White Board Page of Experimental Area team - Secondary Beams & Areas Homepage - Beam lines at PS and SPS - East Area (Page by L.Gatignon)
User Guides (Lau Gatignon):

Beams Departement - Operation


SPS page 1


CPS East Area

Linac2 Linac3 Booster PS SPS


Please contact the relevant coordinators for the different facilities:

Coordinator: Federico Ravotti.

Coordinator: Salvatore Danzeca.

Coordinator: Martin R. Jaekel,
EXSO: Federico Ravotti.

Users Guides

Micheal Jeckel's Test-beam check list a must read.
Traceability of Radioactive Equipment at CERN (TREC), how to.

Safety ⚠️
& Training

HSE Unit - Safety Guide for Experiments - Acces Rules and Procedures - EP Safety Office -

There is a EXSO (EXperiment Safety Officer, fka GLIMOS) web training in Learning Hub
The experiment safety panel should be posted on your counting rooms and experimental areas during your run (formerly known as F4 or blue poster, while its red now)
(download pdf file)


Users' Office at CERN - Dosimeter Service - How to obtain a CERN personal dosimeter - CERN Access Control Service - Check your own access privileges

CERN - SPS Committee - other CERN Scientific Committees - All experiments at CERN - Former PS and SPS Physics Coordinators
North area shift shuttle

Circuit 2 shuttle service schedule Prévessin via FH Schuman
Circuit 3 (shift shuttle) shuttle service schedule Shift ALICE - CMS - LHCb - COMPASS - EHN1 - NA62. Until December 17th 2018
Circuit 4 shuttle service schedule Meyrin - Airport - Meyrin
Circuit 5 shuttle service schedule Meyrin - Prévessin

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